Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'll just start it

Hi all!

I am a WoW player. I have been playing for two years and lately I found a new interest in making money in game.   I was playing the Auction House in WotLK and could afford some things that other people considered very expensive (mammoth mounts, BoE ICC gear) but it was never my main activity. It all started a couple of months ago and I don't remember how exactly it happened. Most likely I followed a link to one of the gold-making blogs from WoW Insider that is one of my favorite web resource about WoW. Long story short, now I'm really interested in playing AH and going for the gold cap.

I am following a number of blogs but was only a silent reader till now. I am starting my own because I have some ideas and tips to share with the community.

P.S. To prevent possible questions, for now I have no intentions to reveal my characters or the server I am playing on.

P.P.S. Yesterday I hit 400k gold mark!

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