Thursday, April 7, 2011

Today's Special: Malachite Pendant

  Target market: level 14 twinks and leveling characters.

  There is simply no alternative to this neck piece on its level. With the introduction of the new 10-14 battleground brackets this amulet became the only option for level 14 twinks. It is good for any class that can make use of agility, that means such popular twink classes as rogues and hunters.

  Materials, production cost and profit: 

  To craft this you have to be a jewelcrafter of level 20, and this is one of the first designs that you will learn. The materials needed:
  On my server the overall cost of materials is 2g at most and I am selling the pendants in the range of 10-25g each, depending whether I have competition or not. That mainly comes from leveling jewelcrafters and does not last long. Usually they post theirs for 1-2g so I just buy them out and repost. You can try to do the same as TUJ shows that on most servers they are going for 1-2g too.

  I have sold 29 of these and made about 400g total profit in 10 days. I also tried flipping them on the other side and on another server where I have a low level alt and it worked well there too. 

  Is your jewelcrafter standing next to a huge pile of ore, prospecting it day and night? Let him rest for a moment and make something simple and pretty! You don't have a jewelcrafter yet? Then roll one and start making money from JC on the first day! Give it a try and tell us about it.


  1. Welcome to the gold-making blogosphere! I look forward to you posts.

    True story: Power Word: Gold came *this* close to being named "Penny Pouch". Guess great minds think alike.

    If you have any questions or anything else let me know. -flux

  2. Thank you for the warm welcome!