Saturday, May 28, 2011

Selling Low Level Crafted Items: Jewelcrafting

  There are not many opportunities left for making money selling low level grafted gear. Blizzard added even more heirloom items in Cataclysm - cloaks and helms that you can buy if your guild is of enough high level. That said there are still several gear slots which you have to fill with dungeon drops, quest rewards or... crafted items. The neck slot is one of such.

  Here are several necklaces that I make and successfully sell:

  1. Malachite Pendant. I told about it in details in my post Today's Special: Malachite Pendant.

  2. Thick Bronze Necklace. Another neck piece that is good for any low level character because +3 stamina is a nice boost for any class. The materials are:
  It costs about 2-3g to make and can be usually sold for 15-25g. 

  3. Necklace of the Deep has two red gem slots. This makes it so powerful that it can not only make leveling a rogue or a hunter through Outland very easy but also last well into Northrend or even till the Cataclysm gear can be equipped. Though many players prefer leveling through dungeons and can get their amulets there, I can still sell 2-3 of these each week. The materials are:
   It costs about 50g to make and can be sold for 150g.

  These are the items I am consistently making and selling. I will look more into low level jewelcrafting and update this post if necessary.

  The next post will be about tailoring, and the list of items there is a little longer.

  Have a nice day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekly Sales Report 16.05-22.05

  No mounts were bought last week, so the profit is a nice three-digit number.

  Previous gold total: 671k
  Total sales: 162k
  Weekly profit: 105k 
  Current gold total: 776k

  Sales by category
  Details will follow under the cut.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Looking For a New Market? Your Competitor Can Help

  We all are in a constant search for new markets, aren't we? Analyzing the competitors is the obvious way to go. Here is what I do when I am bored by gold making routine. 

  Check the competitors on the Undermine Journal

  If you are like me, playing on a US or Oceanic server, the Undermine Journal (TUJ) is always your best friend. I like to check periodically what my major competitors are selling and see if I can find anything to add to my own list. 

  Watch the combat log

  I have a bunch of alts and sometimes use them to spy on my competitors, standing next to them and reading a combat log. You can use this method even to watch characters of the other faction. Nowadays, when Dalaran is empty and the auctioneer is located conveniently right near the profession suppliers, it is a nice place to do crafting and selling. One of my characters is based there too, making things, posting auctions and watching one of the competitors from the other side, who probably think that I am not online.

  Pay attention to visual effects

  To explain this last point I will tell you my story about discovering a niche market. 

  One day I was chilling in one of the major cities and saw a visual effect that I have not seen since the beginning of Cata but it was very familiar. Someone was making Moonshroud and the pillar of light made him stand out of the crowd. (I remember back in Wrath I always went out of the city to make these special kinds of cloth). I checked the guy on TUJ and the only thing he was selling were Emerald bags. That is how I found a new market. If that person had known how I did it, probably he would have tried to hide somewhere too.

  Sorry, I have to go. One of my competitors just came to Dalaran and is crafting something.

  Have a nice day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekly Sales Report 09.05-15.05

  I was planning another post for today but just got some more thoughts to add there so I present you my weekly sales report instead.
  Last week I bought a mount again. This time it was a Crimson Deathcharger.

  Previous gold total: 638k
  Total sales: 173.7k
  Weekly profit: 33k (after buying the mount = - 60k)
  Current gold total: 671k

   Sales by category
  You can read details under the cut.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekly Sales Report 02.05-08.05

  Here is my first weekly sales report.
  I forgot to write down the amount of gold I had on Monday morning, so the start point will be Wednesday morning.

  Previous gold total: 588k
  Total sales: 198.6k
  Weekly profit: 50k (after buying another Traveler's tundra mammoth and 5th guild bank tab = - 18.5k)
  Current gold total: 638k

  Certain features of MySales still don't work for me but I got all the data from its file and made some calculations in Excel. So I have no pretty screenshots of the add-on to show you, just a little table:

  Sales by category

  After the cut I will go in details about each item category.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Semi-Rare Pets: Green Wing Macaw and White Kitten

  With the introduction of the new pet collecting achievements that increased sales of all kinds of pets, now is a good time to review all the related tips.

  Today I want to remind you of these two semi-rare pets. I do not farm them but rather keep an eye on the Auction House and buy them when they are selling cheap to flip for more. 

  Where do they come from? And why are they semi-rare?

   Cat Carrier (White Kitten) is sold in Stormwind by the boy named Lil Timmy. The trick here is that he is not in town all the time. He spawns every 2-3 hours, follows a set route around the city and then despawns. Each time he has only one kitten in stock and will happily sell it to you for 60s. For a detailed guide on how to get this pet and for a good laugh check this post on Wowhead. 

  Parrot Cage (Green Wing Macaw) is dropped by the Defias Pirates in the Deadmines, both normal and heroic, with roughly 2% drop chance and now it also can be found in the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries. Either way it is not the most common pet.

  I suggest you check your auction house for these pets from time to time. They come in limited quantities and often people post them for as little as 50g. I managed to sell them for around 400-500g. The price for a kitten maybe a little lower on the Alliance side, but check the Horde auction house and you may find there is none listed there.

  Now I will go and get my Winterspring Cub. Somehow I do not have it yet. Have a nice day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Epic Penny Pouch = Epic Fail? I Hope Not

  I have to admit that the beginning of my "epic" blog was an epic fail... I started the blog with only two clear ideas in mind and a strong wish to write only on topics that were not touched by other bloggers. I thought there was no sense in bringing up the same topic again and again. And here I am, stuck with only two posts in a whole month.

  But I am not going to give up so easily. The post For the potential blogger by Stockpile came just in time for me. Every single point in there is valuable and I found more tips in the comments. With all that knowledge I hope I can do better. 

  While I was not blogging I was, of course, still playing AH and making money. One day I found four different TGC mounts posted on the AH for a good price. (Sadly, there was no spectral tiger. And I like that one the most). At the time I had 480k and decided to choose and buy just two of them. That is how I got Mottled Drake and White Wooly Rhino and went back to 330k. Two weeks later I got all my money back and, with the 4.1 patch and uncommon and meta gems selling like crazy, two days ago I broke 500k gold mark.

  As for blogging, I like the idea of posting weekly sales reports and will start doing that too, though MySales add-on is not working properly for me. I cannot get a report for the last week or month, only all the data at once. It seems the "Relative Date" option is broken and always shows the time of a sale "0s ago". I checked the data file and all the information there is correct, including the date and time of sales. Is anyone having the same problem? At least I can use MySales Converter written by Vayaz to get the numbers for my weekly reports.

  To make this post not so useless here is a small gold tip for you. The Darkmoon faire is running this week and all kinds of pets are selling well right now. Don't forget to grab some frogs from Flik and post them on the AH. 

  Have a nice day!