Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weekly Sales Report 02.05-08.05

  Here is my first weekly sales report.
  I forgot to write down the amount of gold I had on Monday morning, so the start point will be Wednesday morning.

  Previous gold total: 588k
  Total sales: 198.6k
  Weekly profit: 50k (after buying another Traveler's tundra mammoth and 5th guild bank tab = - 18.5k)
  Current gold total: 638k

  Certain features of MySales still don't work for me but I got all the data from its file and made some calculations in Excel. So I have no pretty screenshots of the add-on to show you, just a little table:

  Sales by category

  After the cut I will go in details about each item category.

  As you can see 30% of my sales come from gems alone. I don't think anyone is surprised as the gem market is very profitable right now but the competition is fierce.

  Best-selling items:
  - all red cuts (although I run out of raw inferno rubies all the time)
  - Agile and raw shadowspirit diamonds
  - Deadly, Adept and Reckless ember topaz
  - Nightmare and Enchanted tear (don't underestimate these! check their prices on your server!)

  I learned Ember shadowspirit diamond this week and it is selling very well.
  With the removal of Icy Prism cooldown I am looking in the direction of the Wrath gem market too and started selling the cuts I was selling back in Wrath. It is a nice market with little competition but comparatively slow sales. I like how it works so far. (Also check out the new post by Cold Profit From Icy Prism, Frozen Orbs, & Wrath Gems).

  Usually my income from inscription is not so big but last week I sold 3 Darkmoon card trinkets that I made a month ago. Those brought me almost 40k.
  Besides those I sold several relics and a bunch of glyphs. I am planning to start watching what inks are in short supply (using The Undermine Journal) and try selling them.

  Enchanting is my second best money maker though I did not set it up as well as jewelcrafting. I am currently listing only about 15 different scrolls but will be adding more in the nearest future.
  For now my best-selling enchants are:
  - Enchant weapon - Hurricane
  - Enchant weapon - Agility
  - Enchant chest - Mighty stats
  - Enchant weapon - Crusader

  On Saturday I was lucky to buy Formula: Enchant bracer - Mighty intellect for only 600g and sold one enchant straight away, covering the cost of the formula and even getting some profit.
  There was a big spike in the price of Infinite dust so I sold about 300 of it while it lasted.

  Darkmoon Cards
  This includes only flipped single cards. You can find a detailed description of the whole process in my post Cross-Faction Trade: Flipping the Darkmoon Cards. I started doing this a month ago and still run this business as Darkmoon trinkets are as popular as ever and with herb prices going down even more scribes go into making them. My service is to pick up underpriced single cards, mostly between the Darkmoon Faires, store them and then list them for a normal price for people who need a particular card to complete the deck. Due to random nature of card making process each scribe always has some odd cards left and usually dumps them to the AH for a low price just to get rid of them.
  With the Darkmoon Faire running, last week I sold 32 cards. According to my special spreadsheet I made a net profit of 9.7k after AH cut.

  My only alchemist is specced transmutation so my best sellers here are:
  - Truegold
  - Primal might
  - Arcanite bar

  I am also making and selling Potion of treasure finding and Mythical healing potion as they are profitable even without a proper spec.

   Nothing interesting here. Most amount of gold made by:
  - Dreamless belt (1)
  - Powerful enchanted spellthread (2)
  - Fireweave pants (3) (last week's favorite out of all the cloth pvp gear :)

  Also count here several JC and herb bags. I don't do Netherweave bags often as one seller keeps their price too low for me to bother with them. I guess that is exactly what he wants.

  How many Delicious chocolate cakes did you sell last week? I sold 27.
 My constant best selling dish is Beer-basted crocolisk. Most players do Tol Barad dailies but only some of them bother to cook the Crocolisk tails they get. +90 strength buff makes this food quite popular. I think I should add the tails to my snatch list not to forget about them.
  Also while scanning AH on the other side (I mean the opposing faction) I saw 5 pages of cheap Deepsea Sagefish, at 25g/stack. On my side it goes about 6-7g each raw and for more if cooked. My main knows all the Cataclysm recipes so I bought all the 136 stacks. I hope to sell all of it in the next two weeks.
  I plan to go more into selling cooked food. Have to study the market first though.
  This category is about flipping blue quality gear and selling random stuff. Do you have a list of items that you regularly watch at the AH for a chance to resell for profit?
  My list is quite short and includes:
  - Dungeoneering guide 
  - Hood of the crying rogue
  - Mercury-coated hood
  - Curse-tainted leggings
  - Khorium ore

  Here I count 346 ilvl and low level jewelry. Last week just 2 expensive things sold. Not the best my result.
  I am going to make a post on low level jewelry. For now you can read about the Malachite pendant. I sell about 10-15 of these pendants each week for additional 100g. I know it is not much but it all adds up as you know.

  Did you stockpile some Elementium geodes like Sterling suggested? I bought 10 of them before the patch for 250-300 each. Now they are going for 800-900g. I sold one. Should I sell them all now or wait more?
  As for other companions last week's best sellers are:
  - Wood frog
  - Green wing macaw
  - White kitten (I told you about this and the previous one last week)

  My pet business definitely needs more organization. I think I will choose one of my idle low level alts and make it a pet seller.

  This category also desperately needs to be organized although last week I sent all the recipes to one toon and he is now selling them all and nothing else.

  A tip for you: watch the AH for the Schematic: Mechanical Squirrel Box; this can often be found cheap and flipped for profit as engineers are now more interested in making and selling pets.
  Another good schematic is a Parachute cloak. It is popular among level 29 twinks so buy it if you see it cheap and try selling for about 150g.

  That is all for my first report. It came out very long but I hope you found something useful in this wall of text. It is definitely useful to me as it clearly shows weak points of my business setup and also some market trends. 

  Thank you for your time! Have a nice day!

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