Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekly Sales Report 16.05-22.05

  No mounts were bought last week, so the profit is a nice three-digit number.

  Previous gold total: 671k
  Total sales: 162k
  Weekly profit: 105k 
  Current gold total: 776k

  Sales by category
  Details will follow under the cut.

   Last week's gem sales were much lower than before. The number of auction campers in this market is still growing, I see new names all the time. However, this does not bother me too much, as I am tired of endless ore shuffling and would like to pay more attention to other markets.
  Since the removal of the Icy prism cooldown I am making them when I can find cheap materials, particularly Frozen orbs. I leveled jewelcrafting not long before the Cataclysm, so I only have a couple of cuts for each WotLK gem. I rarely get epic gems from the prisms, and those few usually sell fast. My best selling cuts from rare gems are Brilliant scarlet ruby and Solid sky sapphire, 23 of each sold last week. Total WotLK gems sales were 3.8k, not including the Nightmare tear that brings me another 3-4k in sales every week.

  A more detailed break down of the Inscription sales:
     2 Darkmoon card trinkets - 14k
     6 relics - 9.8k
     glyphs - 9k
     MFCs - 7.5k

  Enchanting is about the same as last week. 5 scrolls of Enchant bracer - Mighty intellect sold. 

  Analyzing the economy of the other side of my server I found that some cloth pvp gear was not listed on the AH at all, so I started selling it there too. 18 pieces sold last week. That made my sales in the Tailoring category increase. Also the price of Otherworldly bags was good and I sold several of those.

  All the Alchemy sales again come from Primal might and Potion of treasure finding.

  Two pieces of 346 ilvl jewelry sold for a total of 6k.

  The pet sales are up from the usual 2.5k to 6k as I started to trade cross-faction more actively.

  Nine single Darkmoon cards sold for a total of 5.8k (net profit - 3.3k). If you don't know what I am talking about in this category, you can read about it in my post Cross-Faction Trade: Flipping the Darkmoon Cards. I flip them not only cross-faction, but also on the same side.

  Nothing special in the last three categories.

  And that is all for my weekly report. Have a nice day!


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