Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekly Sales Report 09.05-15.05

  I was planning another post for today but just got some more thoughts to add there so I present you my weekly sales report instead.
  Last week I bought a mount again. This time it was a Crimson Deathcharger.

  Previous gold total: 638k
  Total sales: 173.7k
  Weekly profit: 33k (after buying the mount = - 60k)
  Current gold total: 671k

   Sales by category
  You can read details under the cut.

  Gems still make more than 30% of my sales. Nothing special here, only the competition is getting even stronger. How many competitors do you have on the gem market? I have about 10 permanent sellers, about 5 of them tend to camp the AH for at least several hours a day. But I am able to sell half of the gems that I post, and it is more than enough for me. 

  After hearing and reading numerous times about Mysterious fortune cards lately I decided to check the market again. I was selling them a month ago, then every scribe on the server discovered the market and eventually prices were so low that I left it. Now I am back in the MFC business and it was a  success, 12k last week. The rest of the Inscription category looks as usual: 5 relics, 1 Darkmoon card: Volcano and some glyphs. Oh, I almost forgot! After I saw the post Crafting Dust of Disapperance, Yes, Crafting on JMTC I jumped into the market and although one seller is driving the price pretty low, 4.5g per dust, it is still a nice profit. And I just love to try new markets! The daily routine is good for making gold but very boring.

  Enchanting is doing well. Formula: Enchant Bracer - Mighty Intellect, that I bought last week for a mere 600g, is bringing me lots of gold as the enchant is still relatively new, I have just 2-3 competitors here and we keep the profit margin high. Sold 6 of these scrolls last week. 

  I sold only 8 single darkmoon cards, but it is typical for the week without the Darkmoon Faire running.

  The sales numbers in Jewelcrafting category is made by two 346 ilvl necklaces. Did I say before that I have 2-3 fierce competitors in this market also? And in case anyone is still interested, the number of Malachite pendants sold last week - 12.

  Primal might made the most of my Alchemy sales. I stopped selling Truegold for a while, going to stockpile it for now. The Potion of Treasure Finding is selling well when I remember to make it.

  There was a really big spike in the price of Volatile air in the middle of the week, so I managed to sell 60 of these for a double of the normal price, turning 1k into 2k almost instantly. Always keep an eye on volatiles, this market is, well, volatile. Also I flipped some Khorium ore and 5 blues, and that made the Other category this time.

  Tailoring is all about bags and pvp gear, as usual. Not much this week.

  I am slowly selling the Deepsea sagefish that I bought last week. I sell it raw as well as cooked (both intellect and spirit food) and I am pleased with results, though I may need more than two weeks to sell all of it. 

  And that is all for my weekly report. I hope you had a good gold making week too.

  Have a nice day!


  1. You definitely seem to have a firm grasp on your server's AH with sales like that. I'm amazed that cloth pvp gear makes a profit for you honestly. It has not once been over average material costs on my server and a couple others that I've looked at. But that just goes to show that you should never take a blogger's word as gold, look for yourself before making your move.

    I also tried out the malachite pendants a while ago and saw the same relative results as you are, good rate of sales and great margins. Out of curiosity, what do you tend to sell them for? I'm sure that with inflation and availability of gold lately you could get a pretty high amount.

  2. @ Stockpile

    First of all, thank you for your attention to my humble blog. And though I didn't comment your latest post, it is because I was too sad and didn't know what to say... The only thing that comforts me is that I found your blog only a couple of months ago and I still have so much to read there. Please, keep writing. I like your style so much that I will read your blog about anything.

    Out of all cloth pvp gear I am selling only 6 items: robes, cowls and pants from both sets. If I remember correctly, only these are learned from recipes and not from a trainer, so new tailors don't use them to level the profession. All the other gear is going so cheap that I often buy bracers to disenchant for heavenly shards.

    My fallback price for malachite pendants is set to 25g. I was actually selling them for that much when I discovered the market, but now they are usually going for 7-15g as one of my major JC competitors started selling them as well. I wonder if they are doing it for profit or just to show that they are watching me.