Monday, May 2, 2011

Epic Penny Pouch = Epic Fail? I Hope Not

  I have to admit that the beginning of my "epic" blog was an epic fail... I started the blog with only two clear ideas in mind and a strong wish to write only on topics that were not touched by other bloggers. I thought there was no sense in bringing up the same topic again and again. And here I am, stuck with only two posts in a whole month.

  But I am not going to give up so easily. The post For the potential blogger by Stockpile came just in time for me. Every single point in there is valuable and I found more tips in the comments. With all that knowledge I hope I can do better. 

  While I was not blogging I was, of course, still playing AH and making money. One day I found four different TGC mounts posted on the AH for a good price. (Sadly, there was no spectral tiger. And I like that one the most). At the time I had 480k and decided to choose and buy just two of them. That is how I got Mottled Drake and White Wooly Rhino and went back to 330k. Two weeks later I got all my money back and, with the 4.1 patch and uncommon and meta gems selling like crazy, two days ago I broke 500k gold mark.

  As for blogging, I like the idea of posting weekly sales reports and will start doing that too, though MySales add-on is not working properly for me. I cannot get a report for the last week or month, only all the data at once. It seems the "Relative Date" option is broken and always shows the time of a sale "0s ago". I checked the data file and all the information there is correct, including the date and time of sales. Is anyone having the same problem? At least I can use MySales Converter written by Vayaz to get the numbers for my weekly reports.

  To make this post not so useless here is a small gold tip for you. The Darkmoon faire is running this week and all kinds of pets are selling well right now. Don't forget to grab some frogs from Flik and post them on the AH. 

  Have a nice day!


  1. <3 Glad I could help! Like I said before, write for yourself and you'll do well. As for the mysales addon, make sure you have the profiles set right and under where it says "show when" make sure it's set to 7d or your time frame of choice. I hope you enjoy writing the blog, you've got at least one reader out there =)

  2. I've been reading too :) I also tried the 'not repeating other bloggers' but it's pretty much impossible. As Stokpile says, write for yourself & enjoy it - that will help the ideas flow. Yes, ok, maybe don't post on 'subject A' the day after one of the major blogs does it, keep it a week or 2 unless it's time sensitive but otherwise, go ahead. One thing I've learnt is that not many readers will search/read backwards on a blog so if I posted on something 2 weeks ago - your post will still be relevant to readers today.

    Blogging is certainly not a cakewalk but once you get going & enjoy it, it will flow naturally. Good luck & keep writing, you have a nice style to read.