Thursday, February 16, 2012

Swords Decks as a Source of Leather Shoulders for Xmogging

  Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@EpicPennyPouch) know that I'm still around. I got bored of gold making routine quickly when I hit the gold cap and was just playing the game for a while. Then the patch 4.3 brought us the transmogrification feature and the whole new market of BoE xmogging gear evolved. Keelhaul aka Mogfather (@DEazeroth) showed us its possibilities and right now I'm full into it, xmogging my toons and selling gear to other players.

  Today I will do just a short post to share with you what I found out while making my own xmogging outfit. My rogue wears full Defias Leather set (on the second picture) but you can't get the chest anymore so I will be talking mostly about another set with a similar look.

Scouting Garb
Defias Leather set

  Scouting Garb is one of the most popular choices among rogues, and I even met a resto druid who wanted to look like a ninja (on the first picture). There is one problem with this set though - Scouting Spaulders are of common (white) quality and cannot be used for xmogging. But I have an answer for you - Cloaked Shoulderpads!

  These shoulders come from one of the inscription decks - a Swords Deck. They look exactly like those from the Scouting set but are of rare (blue) quality. With the revamp of the Darkmoon Faire low level inscription decks are no longer used for getting the DF reputation and can be bought from the AH quite cheap as well as single cards "of Swords". You need 4 cards, the Ace through 4, to complete the deck.

  Current prices for US realms:
  Swords Deck - 104g

    2 of Swords - 11g
    3 of Swords - 22g
    4 of Swords - 14g
    Ace of Swords - 14g
  Total for a deck: 61g

  If you have a scribe with a skill level 125, you can make Swords cards using 2 x Dawnstar Ink. Spell is called Strange Tarot. It may be a nice way to use those extra inks that are usually just gathering dust or are getting vendored. Of course, there will be RNG involved in this case.

  This is what I sell these shoulders for:
  Probably, you can try to get more for them, if there are none on the AH.

  The other two choices you get from the deck are cloth Darkcloth Shoulders and mail Azure Shoulderguards. The first share the model and colors with two low level dungeon drops (Batwing Mantle and Flameseer Mantle) and the second are unique but I don't sell those as there are lots of better looking mail shoulders out there.

  In conclusion I would like to make a quick overview of the other 3 low level decks and what gear you can get from them.

  Rogues DeckDarkmoon RobeDarkmoon VestDarkmoon Chain Shirt
  All of these are too common and as such are not good for flipping.

  Mages DeckDarkmoon NecklaceDarkmoon Pendant
  These are of rare (blue) quality and in absence of heirloom necklaces they may be actually useful for leveling toons. I was selling them on my scribe for 70-100g a piece.

  Demons DeckDarkmoon DirkDarkmoon ExecutionerDarkmoon Magestaff
  These are of rare (blue) quality, but they don't look good enough for xmogging and most leveling toons use heirloom weapons or dungeon drops.

  And don't forget that to complete the quests, started by these low level decks, you don't have to go to the Darkmoon Faire and it doesn't have to be running, just click the deck to summon a Darkmoon Fortune Teller and turn in your quest.

  Have a nice day!


  1. It's very rare when I read a post about something I have not done before in the gold making niche.

    This, sir, is one of them. I have made the decks and sold them, but I never even knew (or even thought for that mattter) that you could get BoE's from them.

    Thank you for the tip!


  2. Agreed with's one of those "Geez, I had no idea!" Hats off to you, and I actually have been looking for leather black shoulders myself!


  3. Fantastic find EPP. We learn so much by mogging our own toons.

  4. this is definitely an awesome catch. Thank you for sharing this.