Thursday, June 23, 2011

Biweekly Sales Report 06-19.06

  It has been almost two weeks since my last post. I slowed down on gold making. I am not a very disciplined person so with a lack of the next big gold-making goal I got easily distracted by other things in game. The result you can see from the numbers below. Also I was actively stockpiling materials for the coming patch and that made a significant dent in the profit too.

  Previous gold total: 1,020k
  Total sales: 262k
  Profit for 2 weeks: 93k 
  Current gold total: 1,113k


  You will find a few details under the cut.

  As for gem sales, the prices of red cuts were below 100g and I was not willing to sell them so cheap, I chose to stockpile them instead. Also I was lazy to work the full ore shuffle and sold more raw uncommon gems than usual.

  Expensive enchants are not going very well right now. The demand should pick up after the patch hits. I am getting ready by building a stock of materials. 

  Fewer people are selling Dust of Disappearance on my server but the demand is still there. Don't forget about this little money maker. It is a good way to use some of your Blackfallow Ink. Nothing else interesting about the inscription market - glyphs, relics, inks.

  Three enchanting pets sold cross-faction and that made half of the pet sales. The net profit is 2.4k per pet. You might want to look into this opportunity on your server. 

  My favorite category is Other as it usually contains all my little experiments and findings in gold making. This time I sold a bunch of Cata greens and one blue weapon - Rage-Possessed Greatsword - that I got from leveling my DK. If you remember from my last sales report, I was doing it by grinding mobs in the beginning of the Mount Hyjal zone.
  There were good opportunities that I used to flip some Volatile water, Maelstrom crystals (cross-faction), Khorium and Adamantite ore, Frostweave cloth and even Primal earth, which was going for more than 10g instead of usual 1g.

  Emerald bags are still surprisingly popular and are selling well. As for tailored pvp gear, I sell all that I have and don't craft any more not to get caught with it still sitting in my bags on the patch day.

  I am doing the same with ilvl 346 jewelry, selling it and not crafting more, especially after I read the post Crafted PvP Comparison by Azuriel (Player Vs Auction House). 

  There is an increase in my sales of alchemy products. The reason is that my guild still did not have the Mix Master achievement, so we decided to do it. I, among others, provided materials and all the flasks were crafted by our alchemist with the appropriate specialization. Now I am slowly feeding them to the market.

  Finally, two of Recipe: Roasted moongraze tenderloin sold within 3 day after sitting on the AH for weeks, 950g each. It is time to visit the Draenei starting area once again.

  And that is all for this sales report. Have a nice day!

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