Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekly Sales Report 23.05-29.05

  Another week of active gold making has passed. It is time to show you a few numbers and a nice little table again. I like to think that there is someone out there reading my boring reports, but I admit I write these weekly posts mainly for myself.

  Previous gold total: 776k
  Total sales: 184k
  Weekly profit: 110k 
  Current gold total: 886k

  If you are interested in what is behind those numbers, go under the cut, please.
  The apparent leader of the gem category is the Brilliant inferno ruby - 76 sold last week, next come the other two red cuts and the Purified demonseye - 55 to 57 of each. Prices for meta gems were so low that I often did not list them on the AH at all.

  Once again I would like to draw your attention to the Wrath gem market, which brought me 3.9k in sales last week. Do not underestimate it, try making a few Icy prisms and sell at least blue and red gems that you get.

    glyphs - 22k
    8 relics - 10.5k (I sell only Notched jawbones and Tatooed eyeballs; I don't know why only these two)
    MFCs - 2.2k
    Dust of disappearance - 0.5k

  Last week I bought Formula: Enchant bracer - Agility from someone in trade for 1.5k. I have not sold a single scroll in the whole week, although Mighty intellect is selling well - 7 scrolls for 1250g on average. 

  I continue to sell a lot of enchanting materials instead of turning them into scrolls. I need to sit and set up TSM for enchanting but every day I am distracted by something else.

  3 enchanting pets sold at the beginning of the week, then the price dropped to the level of materials cost. This is why I often sell materials instead of crafted products. 

  The tailoring category: Emerald bags were selling so well that I made more from them than from all the cloth pvp gear.

    Primal might - 6.7k
    Mercurial stone - 1k

    2 Elementium moebius bands - 3.8k
    low level jewelry - 0.8k

  Pets are selling consistently, but I regularly run out of some of the most popular. I should spend some time to organize the supply.

  The number of Single Darkmoon cards flipped - 11, net profit - 5k.

    Deepsea sagefish (raw and cooked) - 3k
    Chocolate cookie - 1.2k

  I picked up a Design: Reverberating shadowspirit diamond, which my jewelcrafter already knows, for 500g from the AH and flipped it for 2.5k. That is what made the number in the Recipe category so high. 

  There is one more thing that I forgot to tell you in my previous weekly report. One day I was looking through the Consortium forums and found the post Make 3000G in 15 minutes. It is about the Alliance only cooking recipe Roasted moongraze tenderloin that is obtained via completing a quest in the Draenei starting area. I followed the guide, got the recipe and sold it for 950g on the Horde AH the next day. Now I am trying to sell another one but had no luck with it last week. If you are able to move items cross-faction easily, I suggest you check the Horde AH for this recipe and try selling it. It takes only 15 minutes to get - very easy.

  And that is all for the weekly report. Have a nice day!

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