Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weekly Sales Report 30.05-05.06

  I will make just a quick overview of what has sold last week.

  Previous gold total: 886k
  Total sales: 209k
  Weekly profit: 134k 
  Current gold total: 1,020k

  For details go under the cut.

  Last week I earned more than usual from glyphs as the major competitor, who kept the prices low for a long time, was not online. Relics are selling steadily too. All this plus some MFCs and inks made Inscription my main money maker last week.

  The second and third places go to gems and enchanting. +50 bracer enchants - intellect and agility - are selling well.

  Tailoring products and assorted jewelry brought a nice amount of gold. I sold 22 pieces of cloth pvp gear and 6 of high level necklaces.

   Pet sales are up due to successful flipping of two enchanting pets cross-faction for about 5k net profit.

  Sales of single Darkmoon cards are also up as the Darkmoon faire is in town - 8.9k net profit for the weekend.

  As usually the most interesting things are hidden in the Other category. Last week I was leveling my DK from 78 to 79 via grinding the rock elementals at the very beginning of the Mount Hyjal zone. All the green gear that I got was listed on the AH for 195-225g a piece and most of it sold very quickly for a total of 2k. My DK is also my miner so I got some additional Volatile earth from mining the mob corpses. I like how this way of leveling allowed me to skip several Northrend zones and make some gold. The only major drawback is that you can't use a Potion of treasure finding before level 80.

  While many people see ore shortage on their servers, I am seeing herb shortage. Last week a few times when I checked the AH there was no particular herb at all. Probably there are too many scribes making Darkmoon cards or MFCs. Whatever the reason, once there was no Whiptail and I had some that I did not mill yet. I sold 11 stacks for 100g/st before someone came and posted a lot for a usual price. 

  And that is all that I have for the weekly report. Have a nice day!


  1. Woo Hoo - gratz on hitting a million :)

    never thought of taking an alt to Hyjal before 80 - I have a warrior miner coming thru Northrend at the moment so I may have to try this too :)

    Out of curiosity, what sort of stuff do you sell from tailoring? Apart from a few low level bits & bags, I haven't been making the most of my Tailor.

  2. Thank you, Nev!

    If you decide to take your warrior to Hyjal, do it at least at level 78 and get him/her some Cata greens first.

    Here is the list of tailoring items that make most sales for me:

    - pvp gear (only 3 pieces from each set, these are not learned from the trainer so they are not used to level tailoring):
    Emberfire robe
    Emberfire pants
    Emberfire cowl
    Fireweave robe
    Fireweave pants
    Fireweave cowl

    - all kinds of bags (mainly professional, like Otherworldly bag, Bag of Jewels and Emerald bag)

    And I sell all these on both Ally and Horde AHs.