Thursday, June 2, 2011

Selling Low Level Crafted Items: Tailoring

  Tailoring is not the best profession for gold making. It is a fact. Spellthreads, high level gear and all kinds of bags are the major markets where competition is strong on most servers. Trying to get their share of the big pie, many tailors forget about the low level items they can craft. It seems strange to me, as tailoring offers some of the most popular vanity gear. One of the reasons for this may be that many of those patterns can not be learned from the trainer but are sold in limited supply all over Azeroth. 

  This is the list of what I craft and sell (numbers in brackets mean the level of tailoring skill needed to make the item, then comes the information about where you can find the pattern):

  1. Vanity gear often is bought for bank alts:

    Black swashbuckler's shirt (200) - Narkk, Booty Bay, limited supply
    Haliscan pantaloons (245) - Haughty Modiste, Gatgetzan, Tanaris, unlimited supply
    Haliscan jacket (250) - same as above
    Tuxedo pants (245) - Oufitter Eric (A), Ironforge or Millie Gregorian (H), Undercity, limited supply
    Tuxedo jacket (250) - same as above
  2. Low level gear:

    Spidersilk boots (125) - trainer
    Spidersilk drape (125) - trainer; this does not sell often since the introduction of heirloom cloaks
    Icy cloak (200) - Ghok'kah (H), Dustwallow Marsh.*
    White bandit mask (215) - random drop from the Old world mobs.

    I used to sell Dreamweave gloves, circlet and vest, but all these patterns require Wildvine, which is now rare and expensive.

* Note: It seems after the Shattering the Pattern: Icy Cloak can be bought only by Horde players, as the Alliance vendor was located in Southshore that is now... Ruins of Southshore. I should check the rest of his patterns too and try selling them cross-faction.  

  This list is not exhaustive. It includes only items that are selling well for me. While writing the post I found a few more things (Dress shoes and all kinds of shirts, for example) to try crafting and listing on the AH. I will tell you about it in my next weekly report and update the list if necessary.

  Have a nice day!

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